D.C. Photos

Flags and Whatnot

"No, no, you two take all the pictures you want. We can read the map by ourselves."

Musical Accompaniment

Hey, if we walk all day, we might eventually get to the capitol!

The National Squirrel

Patriotic Bookstore

Local Wisdom

Heather and Sary's first D.C. hotel room!

Heather and Sary in their first D.C. hotel room!

The Perfect Cover Marriage ...

... if we can stop bitching at each other!

Sara and Tab entertain Steve

Heather Takes Her Happy Juice

Gorgeous weather we had

Pretty Street

Stairway to Heaven(ly system of transport)

Could've been a great official shot, if we could've put down the wineglasses for two seconds ...

No, no -- it won't be THAT wet -- and who needs dry socks, anyway?

Mafia Daddy brings up the rear

Happy Campers

"Gee. I didn't realize it was that tall."

If I duck, and she stands on tiptoe, both our heads will fit in the picture.

Not really sure what this is. But, it's pretty.

If we walk all day, we might finally get to the White House.

The Haunted Capitol

More Haunted Capitol

The Haunted Mall

The Haunted War Protesters

Nice cement barriers

It's the cops! Act natural!

Food! We found food! Didn't know where the hell we were, but as long as there was food ...

Aww .. look at this .. Stacie's two favorite people! ;)


Look, a cardboard cutout of Sary in front of a picture of the White House!

"I told you I didn't care if my socks got wet!"

Oh, sure, the weather's great now that we're leaving!

"We're not cold ... we're not cold ... we're not c-c-cold ..."

As my little friend from work put it, "White House ... White snow!"

"I'm hungry."
"I have a Hyatt sugar packet, if you want it."

Found a horse.

I know there's a Barnes and Noble around here somewhere ...

"Shit, this isn't a crosswalk?!"