Original Members

The original members of the Canter Creek Riders include myself, Steviethegreat, the Troxel Helmet Poster Child, Turkey Stuffing, Cami, Trav-the-evil, and Lady-Who-Could-Win-Any-Race-By-A-Nose.

MYSELF: I'm Sary, an 19-year-old elementary education major at Marshall University. I'm addicted to Coca Cola and Snickers bars, I'm becoming addicted to tofu turkey sandwiches, and while I'm not an excellent rider, I am just excellent and staying on when a horse spins in a tiny unexpected circle. I know this because I practice it. A lot. Without really meaning to. Courtesy of my good ol' pal Turkey Stuffing.

STEVIETHEGREAT: Stevie is a hyper, chocolate-craving, Dr. Pepper addicted, bouncing-off-the-walls country-singer type of gal. I got an e-mail from her -- SHE'S ALIVE! For a while there, I was wondering!

THE TROXEL HELMET POSTER CHILD: We call Kari this because she has some of the most interesting and ill-gotten scratches you will ever see on the top of a Troxel schooling helmet. Stands to reason that her logic isn't always intact, since she lands on her head so many times. Kari is deceptively sweet-looking, and has verrrry good manners, till you make her mad, which I am no doubt doing right now. When I typed this I was 530 miles away from her. Now I'm not. So I'm going to run now.

TURKEY STUFFING: My Tuffy is an alien from outer space, but according to legend he was born in Virginia. The result of an enterprising Paso stallion who escaped his paddock one night, Tuffy is a Paso Fino/Quarter Horse cross. He's what we like to call an odd-spotted liver chestnut bay strawberry roan with a white sock. At 14.2 1/2 hands, it's hard to tell whether he's a horse or a pony, and between his personalities, it's difficult to know what he's really like. Tuffy's real name is Stuff, and that varies with the moods of those handling him, as well as with his own moods. Turkey Stuffing? Stuffed Animal? Tuff Stuff? Kids Stuff? Who knows what the creature is named?

CAMI: Cami is a bay Arabian gelding who belongs to Stephanie. Cam's a great jumper and has fun trying to buck off Stevie whenever he can ... but then we don't call Stevie Glue-butt for nothing. She's a hard one to buck off. At shows, he goes just opposite and is difficult to move, but at home, Cam's a stick of dynamite who happens to have a very smooth canter.

TRAV-THE-EVIL: Traveler was Stevie's pony, but was recently sold. He's a gorgeous little creature till you see him trying to bite your head off.

LADY: ...could win any race by a nose because she has the longest upper lip you have ever seen on a horse. All you have to do is shake a grain can or scratch her belly, and that bill shoots out to over two inches. Lady is a Lippet Morgan with great bloodlines, and she grew up in a cattle pasture and wouldn't canter with a rider on her back for the first year Kari owned her. But being owned by the Troxel Poster Child has its advantages, and Lady is a well-mannered -- if currently homeless -- mare. (If you live in the Summersville area and you have an empty stall in your boarder barn, please give us a call.)

That's it. That's how it happened. Or at least who it happened. To. Except if I say 'to' I'm ending the sentence with a preposition. So maybe I should start over and say That's it. That's to whom it happened. Except it didn't really happen to us. We kind of made it happen, just by acting like always, only with meetings and notes. Not that we have meetings and notes anymore, I'm just saying -- Oh, you know what? Forget it.

New Members

KATE AND BLUE: Blue is the tallest girl in our club, and has the undisputed highest number of blue ribbons. Kate is her 17-hand Anglo-Trakhener gelding. Or something close to that, anyway. Okay, so I don't know how to spell Trahkener and I can't tell the difference between my friends and their horses. The horses don't seem to mind. Kate joined the club a couple of years after it started, when she started riding at the stable where Kari and I rode. Blue joined the club when Kate joined the club. That's how it works. The horses don't have to put in applications or anything. If their humans are in the club, voila! Not that the humans have to put in applications. I'm just saying. So, anyway, that's Kue and Blate. Or anyway something close to that. Now that all is good, I'm going to dash off and try not to fail college.

SARAH: Yes, a different one. Sarah joined our club ... sometime. You know, I actually don't remember when. I know when we met her -- seven days after I bought Tuffy. I remember because it was my first lesson on him and she was watching, and she'd never ridden, and Tuffy was acting up and we were on the lunge line, and he was in a gallop when he was supposed to be cantering, and he was kind of spinning out on his turns, and Judy was instructing for all she was worth and I was laughing maniacally Sarah was decidedly pale. Anyway. It is my mission in life to see the child get her own horse.

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