What do the Canter Creek riders talk about when they're together?
Well, mostly the scary, strange things you would expect from hyper,
crazy girls who have had too much sugar and too little sleep and spent
most of their lives concentrating on horses instead of logic.

Here are some of the things that we have said .. repeatedly .. in conversation:

"Hallo, Dis is Renelia Vaterford vith ze Equine Regional Newsletter.
Ve understand you own a horse?"

"Chocolate .. heh heh heh."

"Hi, I live in Dublin, England!"

"Bring rations!"

"Oh my gosh .. my HAIR!"

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?"

"I knew there was something horsey going on when I realized he wasn't
even driving a stickshift!"

"Please help me, I'm FALL -- ING!"

"For all those times you stepped on me ..."

"I've got to go, my horse is staring at me."

"It's my wittle WADY!"

"She wins by a nose! And WHAT a nose!"

"Look! It's Danny! He's changed colors!"

"One of these days you're gonna hear a ratt'lin in the distance!"

"If you could just bring my pants by the barn, I'd really appreciate it."

"Virginia flies are stupid!"

"Ooo! Long Johns!"

"Hey, Tuffer-Dove!"

"Howdy, you have reached the Tinnel residence!"

"Do you have leather halters?"

"Naylor!" "Pendrell!"

"I'm seeing things I've never seen before. Like THAT! I've never seen that
Smokey the Bear before!"

"Throw it! I DARE ya!"

"Heeeeeeey, this is Kate!"

"Kelly, where did you get that cup?"

"Can I borrow the bridle?" "I need to use the bridle." "Do you want to take the
bridle?" "You can keep the bridle."

"Hhh-hi. I'm Debbie Co-honner."

"Will you hold my ribbon?"

(as the rider falls through the air before hitting
the ground) "I'm perfectly fine!"

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