DKD's Poetry


I'll walk in moonlight 
Unnaming things, 
Take the burden of that ownership 
From the slender necks of -- 
And let them stand straight 
Reaching for -- 

All I've unnamed will unblame Eve 
For knowledge, 
For good and evil, 
For eviction. 
For birthing us into a world 
Of Bombs and Babies 
Of Earthquakes and Breezes... 
For expelling us from the confines of Eden 
From the safety of Eden 
How we cried to lose Eden 
The naming lost our Eden. 

In unnaming will come unownership 
The unnamed, unburdened by words, 
Will sing universal 
Will pray without ceasing 
Will know the eternal ... 
Answering, I am that I am that I am, 
And in this act 
To spin the world, 
Reversing Adam. 

by dKd
April 1,1999

To Write a Poem

You go back, time travel 
Make the world go still, 
You roll up small, 
Condense until 
The world inside is large enough 
To hold it all. 
Smallness writes itself huge 
In a field where dreams form reality 
(The true order of things); 
November forms in tall weeds browning; 
Combined dreams of children 
Come there evenings, 
Held in mist until 
The sun believes itself into morning. 
Keep your pen still 
As reality offers a twisted similarity; 
An almost; 
If you mean it - - hide 
Seek a hidden way; 
Gain entrance through old dreams; 
Nuance of indirect sunlight - - 
A wind whisper - - a cold November. 
Spiders desperate for hiding 
Seek silent spaces in tall weeds browning; 
Words pause themselves, 
Preparing to winter-over. 
Find one of the children you were, 
With that wisdom trancending 
All you've since learned; 
Aim at chill air and evening; 
Family waiting a woodsmoke away; 
Aim at prolonged endings of evening, 
(inside light windows, it is already night). 
Keeping summer 
The spider has waited too late; 
You wait only enough; 
You aim at keeping, with words, 
What you never meant to lose. 

(c) dKd

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