Agents On Horseback
Agents On Horseback

(A flight of fancy by the members of the Yahoo! Equus Alienus club)


Part One
by Sary1013
There was no doubt in FBI Agent Fox Mulder's mind that his partner, Dana
K. Scully, was about to fall over dead of boredom. He knew her better than
anyone, but that wasn't what gave him his clue this time. She had just
crocheted her duffel bag strap and was starting on his shoelace.

He wished he was any less bored, but they had been sitting here for over an
hour, dead silent. Which was what happened when he said something stupid
to his partner and got her mad at him. Wishing he could speak but afraid of
what he'd say, he just watched her instead. Her small fingers were actually
pretty skilled at her bore-driven craft, but by her face he could tell she
wasn't concentrating on it.

"Scully?" Mulder finally said, vaguely nervous, as though about to propose.
Which would make sense, as he was on one knee beside her. But that was
only because he was examining the hoof print in the dirt at her feet for
about the thousandth time.

"Hmm?" she answered, distant.

"How long did she say it wou--"

"Forty five minutes."

"And how long have we been wai--"

"An hour and seventeen minutes."

"And how long are--"

"Until she comes back, Mulder." Scully nodded to their car, which sported
two flat tires. "We're pretty much stuck here, Mulder, so I don't know what
your hurry is."

"No hurry. After all, you're about the best company a guy could ever have

He didn't mean that to sound sarcstic, and when his partner gave him a
Scullylook, he noticed a tiny smile behind it.

He was about to say more when, at last, they heard something. But it
wasn't the motor they'd expected.

"More hoofbeats?" Mulder guessed, and endured a look from Scully that
proclaimed, without a word, just what a bright guy he was.

Katy, the young woman who'd offered to ride for help, was riding back
toward them down the trail, and neither agent was encouraged by the
fully-saddled, rider-less horses she led behind her.

"Daddy took the truck," she announced breathlessly as she approached.
"This is Tofu --" she pointed to a splashy red-and-white paint, and then to a
chubby chestnut --"and this is Burger."


"They're perfectly harmless," Katy assured them. "Come on now -- I'd say,
Agent Scully, Tofu would be fine for you. Agent Mulder ... Burger's

Scully took Tofu's reins, tightened his girth, and swung lightly into the
saddle. At Mulder's raised eyebrows she said, "A few of the bases my
father moved us to had stables." She shrugged and smiled slightly, looking
with some amusement between Mulder and Burger, who had fallen asleep
in the sun.


Taking a deep breath, Mulder grabbed the reins and reached blindly for the


By ness_girl_1027



Agents On Horseback
Part Three
By Sary1013

Katy, an associate pastor, performed a lovely ceremony, with Burger and
Tofu as witnesses and her own horse, Root Beer, as flowergirl. Root Beer,
being a gelding, decided he would function better as flower-eater than
flower-girl, but it was nonetheless a lovely ceremony.

Yet they were still out in the middle of nowhere, and the newlyweds were
anxious to find themselves a threshhold to cross *wink wink*. Scully, who
had, upon marrying, kept her maiden name, was right at home on Tofu,
perhaps since she was a healthfood nut anyway. But the fact that he
enjoyed greasy foods didn't help Mulder feel one bit more comfortable on


Agents On Horseback
Part Four
By skully37

So anyway, Mulder and Scully (who for some reason spontaneously got
married), ride off into sun. Well, Scully trots away happily
anyway, Mulder, on the other hand, had a *teensy* bit of difficulty getting
Burger to move off.

"Get! Get! C'mon! Go you fat, smelly thing!" Mulder yells as he swings his
legs back and forth, uselessly.

"Mulder, you have to kick him. And cluck, like this." she demonstrates, which
makes Tofu jig slightly.

"I don't want my horse to do that! "

"He won't. Trust me." Scully reassures.

Sure enough, when Mulder clucks and kicks a few times, Buger starts to

"Let's take this trail." Scully says as she heads into some trees.

"Wouldn't it be better to stay in a clear area?" Mulder calls after her, as she
trots up a small hill.


Agents On Horseback
Part Five
By Sary1013

"Mulder, who's got the experience here?" Scully called over her shoulder as
Tofu pranced into the forest. Burger followed none too enthusiastically,
upset at being separated from --

"Where's Root Beer?" Mulder asked suddenly. "And Katy?"

Momentarily Scully reined Tofu in and looked around. In the dark coccoon
of the forest it was impossible to see more than a few feet all around. And
Katy and Root Beer definitely weren't in that few feet.

"Mulder," Scully said, "She was right there a second ago."

It was Mulder's turn to give Scully a Well-Aren't-We-Brilliant look, but he
knew better than to let her see it.

"Well, Mrs. Mulder, I gue--"

"Don't call me that."

Mulder blinked. "Scully, why did you marry me if --"

"I don't want to talk about it."

"But that's what married couples --"

"Mulder, no. Not now." Scully squeezed Tofu's sides lightly. Oh, she could
be maddening sometimes! From behind Mulder watched, from his seat on
Burger, who had stopped again, as his partner --er, wife-- trotted ahead.
Though riding in a Western saddle she was rising and falling to the rhythm
of the trot, as he had seen some English riders do.

Mulder didn't bother urging Burger into a walk. Scully's red hair caught the
bits of sunlight that found their way into the forest. Tofu's red patches were
exactly that color. Why did his maddening parter --er, wife -- have to be so
damn beautiful? It meant he couldn't bring himself to be angry with her at
the moment.

He was, however, losing sight of her. "Um .. giddyap?" he tried. He would
have sworn Burger laughed. Then again, maybe it was Scully.

"Kick him, Mulder," she smirked, turning Tofu to watch in amusement.
From her seat atop Tofu, she couldn't help but be charmed by the picture of
her partner, his hair almost the exact color of Burger's liver chestnut coat,
sitting atop the horse. The image was ruined somewhat by the way Mulder
kept throwing kicks toward the animal, and somehow missing. But that just
made it more enjoyable.

"Kick *him*, Mulder, not the air *beside* him!" Scully called. Burger was
not impressed.

Scully leaned out of her saddle, trying to demonstrate to Mulder what she
meant. At that moment, three things happened. One was that Mulder's cell
phone shrilled into the relatively quiet air. Another was that, from
somewhere far away and off to the right, a horse whinnied. The third was
that Tofu had seen enough. Throwing back her elegant head, she plunged
away, right out from under her now-unbalanced rider.


Agents On Horseback
Part Six
By taige_mcgraw

Mulder looked at Scully sitting up with a dazed look on her face. She
shook her head and ran her fingers through her hair trying to get the leaves
out. Mulder buried his head in his arms and started cracking up. Scully
shot him a dirty look and he laughed harder. She stood up and brushed off
her clothes. Tofu was running around in the woods, as far as the noise
level was concerned. Scully had to talk loudly to Mulder to get him to
hear her. Or Mulder could have needed a hearing aid.

"Well I suppose I should mount up double with you Mulder, if we're going
to look for Katy. If we're not then I think you need to dismount. I'm sure
you are very uncomfortable on that horse!"

Scully smiled and waited for Mulder to think. He smiled and began to say

"I think we should-"

Suddenly the noise stopped. Scully turned around nervously and they
glanced around in the shadows. A few rays of light teased the plants
below the thick canopy of ceaders and pines of the forest.

A shadow darted behind a cluster of tall ferns, catching Scully and
Mulder's attention. They both whipped up their guns simultaneously and
kept their sights trained on the target. It moved a few inches and then

Suddenly it started moving toward Scully...


Agents On Horseback
Part Seven
By ness_girl_1027

Mulder watched the ferns with skilled eyes, he would not dismiss the
movement, that was not how he had been trained. Know everything could
be a possible theat in the field, or where ever he was. Scully pulled a twig
of evergreen out of her hair and then regained her grip on the gun.

"Mulder, what is it?" she asked with no apparrent emotion her voice.

Mulder dismounted and mumbled something under his breath about the
horse. He walked almost silently over beside Scully.

The movement had stopped, but its direction was toward Scully. With the
fearlesness that made Mulder admire her she stepped toward the bush.

"Whoever you are come out now." her voice was commanding.

Scully looked back at Mulder and raised her shoulders. She took a deep
breath. Mulder shook his head at her and began laughing lightly under his
breath. "What is it?" Scully said with abit of sarcasm in her voice.
Mulder pointed to her butt which was covered in pine sap. Attached to
the pine sap was a perfect ring of dirt that stuck to it.
Scully could'nt help but laugh.

"Listen, i would love to continue this," Mulder said catching his breath,
"but nature calls."
Scully blew up on her hair shook her hand at Mulder to go ahead.
Mulder walked back stepping over fallen logs and moss-covered rocks.
He looked up at the light slipping through the cracks of trees over head.
This was nice he thought. He came to the clearing where he had left Scully
with the horse. Scully was nowhere to be seen.

"Scully." Mulder called out unconcerned. "I discovered that oak leaves
work much more nicely
than the berch leaves." He looked around.

"Scully," he called out with a little more voice.

He walked over to the horse. Patting it he looked around. His focused
stopped on Scully's gun. He ran over to it. Picking it up he noticed blood
was on the barrel. "Scully!!" Mulder screamed out. She must have hit
someone with it.

Mulder quickly walked the perimeter of where they had been. His heart
was pounding, his eyes were full of concern. Catching a glimpse of
something he walked over to a rock. Behind the rock lay a small blue...


Agents on Horseback
Part Eight
By Sary1013

... stuffed alien sprinkled with yellow polka dots. Frowning, Mulder knelt
and picked up the toy. Its furry body was a mess with mud and twigs and

"Pine sap!" Sure there were pines all around .. but few of them would drip
pine sap smeared with lint. "Scully?" He called again. No answer came.

So, what? She had been abducted by a blue and yellow stuffed space
ship? "Scully, what the hell ...? Where are you?"

Past the alien, the undergrowth was broken and tramped down. Looking
closer, he could see that there was a faint trail running deeper into the
forest. He took two steps toward it, as though this would amplify his
voice, and called, "Scully?"


He would HAVE to go looking for her. After all, it was getting late, and
standing here dead still in the forest wasn't going to help. Besides, they
had taken a vow. He had an excuse now to be overprotective.

Mulder had taken several steps down the trail when he noticed the
hoofprints among the broken overgrowth. "I was an Indian guide," he
muttered softly, and knelt by the tracks. As far as he could tell, they were
fresh. Besides, if this trail had been here a moment ago, he would have
seen it. Or Scully would have. So someone, just now, had come by on
horseback ...

... and abducted his partner without a sound, leaving behind a blue stuffed

At any rate, if he was going to catch up, he was going to have to move
fast. And there was only one mode of transportation with the potential to
go fast left for him.

Mulder took a deep breath, bit his lip, and turned to face the very sleepy


Agents On Horseback
Part Nine
By Taige_McGraw
Mulder took a deep breath and walked toward Burger mumbling. He
sighed and stepped into the stirrup, swinging himself over and onto
Burger. He took a deep breath and kicked Burger. Burger, the most
surprised horse in the world, threw a little dance and then started trotting
forward ...some direction in the woods. Mulder grumbled as he bounced
on Burgers back, and sooon Burger slowed to a walk.

Thinking deeply, Mulder pulled out the little stuffed alien toy and looked at
the tag on the bottom. It said, "machine washable, made in CHINA." in
black permanent marker was written the initials JC.
Mulder scrunched up his eyebrows in throught and pocketed the toy

"WAIT A SEC!" He said, surprised. He dug the doll out again and looked
at the clothes. The polka dotted fabric was exactly the color of Kate's
bandanna on her saddle.

It was a broad guess, but Mulder decided there had to be some
connection. You don't find little aliens that look like your friends every
day. He glanced up and around the woods, taking in
every feature. The trees were so close together it was hard to find a path.
Suddely a limb broke above Mulder and he glanced around nervously. It
crashed in front of Burger and he.........


Agents on Horseback
Part Ten
By Sary1013


Mulder sighed in relief. At his urging, the horse started forward again in a
slow and placid walk.

But he didn't notice the tree branch that had been disturbed by the crash;
nor did he notice that if he continued on his course, the branch would be
even with his head. He was too deep in thought, considering his options
and wondering where his partner -- er, wife -- might be.

It wasn't until he was sitting uncomfortably in the middle of a bush that he
noticed the branch was going to knock him off. Blowing up through his
lips at the hair that stuck to his forehead, Mulder was glad his partner
wasn't there to laugh at him.

"O-hoh, no," a familiar voice giggled from several feet away. Mulder, still
firmly planted in his bush, glanced up in surprise. It couldn't be ...

"Lose something?" Scully asked, patting Burger, who had made his sleepy
way toward her.

"Scully ..." Mulder breathed, untangling himself from the shrubbery.
"Where on earth have you been?"

At this her smile faded, and her eyes looked frightened, just a little.
"Mulder," she told him. "I ... I have no idea."

Biting back the frustration and the sigh that wanted out, Mulder
murmured, "That's all right."

Scully nodded her thanks softly and turned to Burger. Before he could
move she had mounted the horse and was motioning him to climb on
behind her.

Oh. Oh my. Now THIS was what a drug-induced hallucination ought to
be like. Mulder boosted himself on from the fallen branch, and Scully
urged the horse into a clipping walk. He was aware of her shoulders rising
with her breath and with the movement of the horse. He was aware of his
hands placed lightly on her sides, and of the soft, relaxed way she spoke
to the horse. Why couldn't that gentle, loving voice be directed his way?

'Change the subject,' Mulder commanded his mind. Aloud he said,
"Where are we headed, Mrs. Mulder?"

"Don't call me that."

"But --"

"Do you want me to turn this horse around?"

Mulder giggled in spite of himself. But the giggle died in his throat when
Burger swung around a stand of maple and came face to face with ....


Agents On Horseback
Part Eleven
By Taige_McGraw

Scully screamed, startled, and Burger reared up halfway, seeing another
horse in front of him. Scully recognized the horse from somewhere but
couldn't place where. Mulder tumbled off Burger's back and rolled over,
stunned. Scully clung to Burger but didn't pull back on his reins, for one
she new that was NOT the way to calm Burger and two she knew Mulder
was back there. And she knew Mulder would appreciate it if 1200
pounds didn't come crashing down on him.

Scully dismounted as quickly as she could and ran over to the girl lying on
the ground.

She rolled the girl over and brushed the soft red hair out of her face. Her
heart leaped to her chest. She cursed slightly under her breath and hid her
face in her hands. The figure stirred, and Scully gasped. She ran back to
Burger and stomped the ground, cursing some more. Burger backed up a
few feet, *not over mulder* and Scully sighed. She rubbed Burger's nose
softly and ran back to the person on the ground.

Not having her medical kit, Scully treated Katy's bruise as best as she
could. Katy moaned softly and opened her eyes. She saw Scully and
cried out with joy. Throwing her arms around her, Katy hugged Scully as
if she had rescued her from a deep pit filled with snakes.

"Katy, tell me what happened. First you were riding right with us and then
all of a sudden you were gone!" Scully inquired softly.

"I remember going off to the side because I was going to find a place to
um, go to the bathroom but as I was walking back to you..something

Mulder joined them on the tree log they were sitting on and looked at the
sun which was beginning to set. He put one arm around Scully and smiled.
Scully smiled back and looked back to Katy. Reaching for her hand, she
squeezed it comfortingly.

"Katy, hun, tell us what happened."


Agents On Horseback
Part Twelve
By Sary1013

Katy opened her mouth to speak and was silenced by Mulder's cell
phone. Exasperated, Scully whirled to face him. That damn phone, always
ringing at the worst possible moment.

"Mulder, that thing's already gotten me thrown off once to--" She
stopped, and realized as he did that the phone had stopped ringing. Just as
it had stopped ringing when it's job of spooking Tofu had been done.

"Mulder .." she said.

"Oh, Scully .." His voice had taken on a nervous edge, and he looked
around as though the caller would be standing in front of him with a cell
phone and a name tag.

"Agents?" Katy said softly. They turned to face her. "Was that thunder I
just heard?"


AOH PART 13 Section 1

The grey wolf peered out from behind some ferns and glared at the 3
intruders of it's territory. Mulder felt the hair on the back of his neck stand
up and he turned around. Thunder sounded from the..south direction of
the forest and shot him back into reality. Of course the chill on the back of
his neck was reality, but he would have to place his life dangling on his

"Scully, Kate, we need to find a place to we don't get
pnemonia." Mulder said uncertainly. Scully raised an eyebrow and gave
him a *duh* look.

"Yes I did notice that Mr. Mulder. Let us mount up and go find a cave or

Scully snapped back. Suddenly she sensed Mulder's hurt and took back
her words. She drew Mulder close and hugged him tight, mumbling
somethign about "oh well about the rain, I have you!"

"You can call me Mrs. Mulder all you want Fox, I'll always love you, and
I'll always stand beside you, even if some extraterrestrial life form is about
to kill us." She whispered.

Mulder held her close and kissed her softly on her lips. Kate gathered
Burger's and

*uhhh guys what's Kate's horse's name? For now I guess it's..Brandy.
Correct me if I'm wrong..i'll go back to the first part in a sec..*

Brandy's reins and bit her lip. If only she had Shawn here with her. All this
stuff that was happening was starting to freak her out, but it was also
starting to tease her adventurous nerve. All in all, she wished she had
Shawn with her.

"Um, agents, we need to, um go. Now would be nice." Kate said
hesitantly, pointing toward the dark grey clouds tumbling over their heads.
The wind was picking up strong and Kate had a frightened expression on
her face. Scully nodded and pulled Mulder over to Burger. She mounted
up easily, and waited for Mulder to get on also. Kate swung up on Brandy
and they turned toward...the north. It was stupid trying to race a storm,
but the more they stayed ahead of it the better.

After about ten minutes, the sky was totally grey around them and the
forest was shadowy and hard to see. Kate had a frown on her face and
the wind was whipping her brown
hair around in a whirlwind of hair and leaves. She picked a leaf out of her
hair and let it drop to the ground. It flew to the left, and Kate swallowed.
She stopped Brandy and called nervously to Scully and Mulder. They
stood there for a second until Scully drew in her breath sharply.

"Mulder, Kate, look-over there-a cave. Big enough for the horses and
us." She pointed behind Kate to a huge moss covered rock, with a huge
hole on one side.

Suddenly a howl like a freight train erupted from the east. Kate yelled
something and Mulder gave her a confused look. She yelled to him louder,
and he understood clearly the second time.

"It's a Twister Mulder!! A Tornado!" She cried, pointing to the east.
Mulder nodded and They all scurried over to the cave. Within seconds
they were inside.

They descended in the cave about 100 feet, and dismounted. Venturing
further, they found a beautiful cathedralic cave, and stood in awe at it. It
was bigger than The White House. Bigger than the capital in Austin Texas.
And it was breathtaking.

Scully sensed something and Mulder lightly touched her arm.


"Where's the tunnel we went through Mulder"

He hesitated before answering.

"Scully, I"

"Mulder. Where is it?"

"It's right there, behind you."

She sighed and nodded a breath of relief. Mulder gave her a peculiar look
and Scully laughed, her voice echoing over and over in the cave. Mulder
thought it sounded beautiful.

"Just checking Mulder, making sure there's something that's still allright."

Mulder smiled and motioned to Kate. They led the horses back into the
main cave and paused. There was no more noise, no more howling wind.
The trio ventured out into the forest once again, and gazed in awe at their

There was a huge burnt blue circle surrounding them, about 500 feet in
diameter and 10 feet wide all the way around, where things that were
standing there were..vaporized.

They were on a hill.

The slope was so gradual is was impossible to tell you were on a hill when
you were walking.

But they were on top. Dead Center.

"Mulder, what did this?" Scully asked, with pain in her voice.

"It wasn't the tornado, Scully." He answered

"Then what?" Kate asked, speaking for herself and Scully.

"It had to be a ship." he replied.

"A ship?" Scully and Kate whispered in unison.

"Yes. A ship. Not a tornado..." Mudler drifted off, leaving Kate and

Scully glancing around in fear and sadness.
Why? And How? They wondered.
Mulder looked up from the ground he was studying and opened his mouth
to speak.

Agents on Horseback
Part 14
By Sary1013


The day was gone, and there was darkness. Mulder said something, but
his words were brushed away by this thing, this wind, this utter sadness
that tumbled in on the companions on the hilltop as though a world above
them had broken and fallen in.

"Oh my God ...." Scully breathed, reaching for Mulder's hand even as she
knew that he was no longer beside her. She had been afraid before.
Deathly afraid, and in honest danger, in kidnappings, in hold-ups and in
dark and spooky places. But this moment she felt a terror that chilled her
more because it was of nothing. It thundered in her chest, and fell like rain
across her eyes, and there was nothing. No reason. No cause but that the
day had inexplicably become night.

"Scully?" She heard his voice next to her in the stillness that was suddenly
so loud. "Are you here, Scully?"

"I'm here, Mulder," she whispered, and moments later remembered to
add, "Katy?"

To this there was no answer, and both Mulder and Scully had somehow
known to expect this.

Then the silence was laced with voices. They murmured and babbled but
their words were unintelligable. Scully could pick out no single word or
phrase yet she knew the voices spoke English. Its pattern lulled around
her, almost comforting, even as it came from the sky.

The voices grew, and beside her Scully felt a rush of movement.
Hoofbeats thundered. The voices were silenced by one shrill, clean note
which echoed from the hilltop. A neigh, let out by a horse not in fright but
in command. Was that Burger? It couldn't be. Must have been Katy's
horse, demanding to know what was going on.

The earth beneath them began to shake, soft at first, but then so hard
Scully fell to her knees and knew instinctively that Mulder had done the
same. She could feel him near her, feel his movements, feel his breath and
even his sudden thoughts. This is incredible! he was thinking. This is

His thinking broke the sadness and the sky opened up at once, letting in
light like the rain that fell with it, clearing Scully's head, clearing the air and
the hilltop and the valleys beyond. They had slid a bit down the hill's side,
and atop it, just above them, stood not Burger and not Katy's horse but a
tall, achingly white mare. She was clean despite the storm and Scully
wondered if she was imagining how dry the silver coat appeared.

Dapples on the edges, a lovely grey, and certainly of this earth. But the
neigh she let out and the purple sparks of her eyes made even Scully

Mulder, Scully thought, and in that moment she knew that he could hear


Agents on Horseback
Part 15
By Lhaine

And somewhere in the background an unknown band played "Beautiful


Agents On Horseback
Part 16
By Sary1013
It was a little creepy, the music coming out of nowhere, but no more
creepy than the voices or the great, spooky grey mare who stared them
down, nearly swaying to the music. The notes were haunting and Mulder
had to force himself not to shiver. Scully edged closer and laid a hand on
his sleeve. He could *feel* her edginess, her desire to move on from this,
to go home. And it seemed like, perhaps, the thing to do. This couldn't be
happening. It couldn't be real. So why stay?

Then the answer just dropped out of the sky.


Agents On Horseback
Part 17
By Skully37

It was Tim Curry in woman's langerie.

"Oh my god, Mulder" Scully mumbled.

And then he broke into song
"I'm just a sweet transvestite..."

He climed up onto the grey mare as he finsished and trotted slowly to the
left, then to the right, then said

"Put your hands on your hips, Agents"

Mulder and Scully looked at each other. They did.
Then, by some unknown force, they pulled thier knees in tight.

" But, agents, it's the pelvic thrusts that really drive u insaa-a-a-a-ane!" the
strange crossdresser on the horse said.

Mulder and Scully where suddenly wearing nothing but thier underwear....


Agents On Horseback
Part 18
By Lhaine

Lights, gauzy shapes, strains of some haunting music as the song changed.
The scene suddenly changed from that of pure rationality to one of chaos.
Forms and shadows flitted at the edges of the agents' vision. Like some
weird acid trip it just degenerated to something so ludicrous that neither
agent could comprehend the depths to which they had sunk.

The music, some Canadian band, (which made it all that much stranger)
swirled and looped, like a long range fighter with hyperspace capabilities
and a suplimented matter-anti-matter engine with a magneticaly polarized
reactor, whose pilot had been drinking too many Arbenian spleen

The transvestite on the grey mare looked at Mulder with one eyebrow
raised and said, "You're jealous, aren't you?"

"Of what?" Mulder forced the words through a moth that seemed to be
made of spark plugs and Nirvana CDs.

"You want to abducted." responded the rider, "Everyone you ever loved
has been abducted, and a few people you just happened to run into along
the way. You're jealous of them, that's why you keep running after it." The
man turned the mare and rode away, words drifting back over his
shoulder, his voice strangely furry and lavender, "You're causing it you


Agents On Horseback
Part 19
By Sary1013

Scully could sense Mulder's emotion, his wonder, his guilt, his could it be
true? It couldn't, she thought, and hoped like hell he could hear her.

This has got to stop, she told herself. This has got to stop now. The
transvestite on the horse was singing and had left his possessions
unattended; she grabbed his laptop and thanked heavens it was equipped
for a type of wireless Internet that hadn't yet been invented.

"Scully?" Mulder asked. "What are you doing?"

"Hmm," Scully said, distracted, as she typed in a URL she knew by heart.


"Scully? What are you doing?"

"Hang on."

"But, Scully --"

"Just hush a second, Mulder."


"It's starting to rain again, Scully, we should get under cover ..."

"IN A SECOND! I'm busy!"


"You are a guest of this club, like Hell," Scully muttered, and clicked Join.
Agents On Horseback PART 20
By Dana K. Scully
It was warm. The meadow was sunny. IT WAS NOT RAINING
Mulder was riding a lovely bay, and Scully a gorgeous chestnut. Mulder
was a graceful rider, and he cantered beside his partner with a smile on his

"Scully?" Mulder said softly.


"When can I call you Mrs. Mulder?"

"Never, Mulder."

He hesitated, the sunlight dancing on his dark hair. "Good enough," he
replied at last, and they rode away into the sunset.


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