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The Shortest Fanfic I've Ever Written

Dana's gift to Casey was a Denver T-shirt. She hadn't picked his name but couldn't let Christmas go by without giving him something, and she had dozens of Denver T-shirts she didn't particularly feel like wearing.

Casey's gift to Dana was a cheese grater. Also, he promised not to hassle her about breaking the control room window.

Dana's gift to Natalie was an expensive second-hand camera.

When Natalie's mood improved, she added a promise of shopping to her gift of socks to Casey. A week later they spent six hours in a store, and Natalie, bad mood recurring, swore she'd never do it again.

Casey gave Natalie a cheese grater.

Dan tried to talk Jeremy into coming with him to Midnight Mass. When that didn't work, he gave Jeremy a very nice staple remover.

Casey gave Jeremy a cheese grater.

Jeremy was scared to death about shopping for Dana while she stalked around breaking the windows. He ended up buying her a Denver T-shirt.

Isaac, as his gift, kept Dan company at Midnight Mass.

Casey gave Isaac a really cool scarf. He gave Dan a cheese grater.

Kim gave Chris an umbrella and told him it was in case Dana ever got edgy again.

Chris gave Will two free tickets to a lumber sports exhibition, and got hit with his own umbrella.

Will gave Dave two free tickets to a lumber sports exhibition.

Dave took Elliot to a lumber sports exhibition.

Elliot followed Natalie's lead and gave Kim a pair of socks. Then he quite impressively ducked the curve ball she launched them into.

Casey gave Elliot, Kim, Dave, Will, Chris, Maureen, and Alyson cheese graters, and not a single one of the things was ever used to grate cheese.

Dana gave Kyle a few household supplies he never seemed to get around to buying himself, and enough proof of the promise she wasn't mad at him that he was able to have a nice Christmas. Kyle gave Dana a Denver T-shirt. She wore it the very next day.

01 September 2001

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