A Tribute to my Fellow Traveler

We have traveled so many miles,
and yours were different, sweet boy, from mine,

But both paths led us to this space,
This broken-hearted time and place,

My limp hand resting on your back,
Your playful, grinding jaw now slack

As if you have already gone
Instead of waiting, dusk till dawn,

For your girl to drive through her despair
The final miles that we will share.

"I'm here now, guy. You know that, right?
You felt me as I drove all night?

"Lie still so the vet can make you feel better,"
I whisper as my cheeks grow wetter.

As you gallop into space,
No more sweet looks to cross your face,

And no more secrets soft, to share,
And, oh my god, this isn't fair,

I send a part of me along
to travel with you, right or wrong.

"You can't go with him," people say
"It isn't healthy to feel this way.

"You know that he was just a horse,
So grief shouldn't hit you with such force."

... You know,

It had occurred to me
that you were just a horse.

A horse who bit me on the rear
and threw me off with extra force --

A horse who loved, with all his heart,
his peppermints, and me

A horse who raised me from a child
and saw who I could be.

We will travel so many miles,
on and on forever,

And yours are different, sweet boy, from mine.
That won't get any better.

But this broken girl you've left behind
who feels her future waver

Will get up now and carry on
With the strength you gave her.