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About Hogwarts

At a glance ...

Private magic preparatory school; 7-year secondary school programs.

The enrollment of Hogwarts School varies with fate.

Academic Programs
The School offers nine areas of magical concentration.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is fully accredited by the Ministry of Magic.

100% of the faculty are fully capable witches and wizards. Approximately 98% of them are still alive.

Academic Calendar
The School operates from September to June. Students may choose to stay on campus or to depart during the Christmas holidays.

HSWW maintains competetive teams in Quidditch and Wizard Chess.

Not applicable.

Getting to Hogwarts
Get on the Hogwarts Express. If you miss it, for Heaven's sake, don't fly a car and get your father in trouble. Just send us an owl.

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