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Instructions: Complete online and mail by owl post.
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Application for Admission
Name: Date of Birth:
General Location: Muggle Mailing Address: (Never give this out online!)
Muggle Telephone Number: (Never give this out online!)Name of Owl:
Semester for which you are applying:
If parents or relatives once attended Hogwarts School, please list their names.
If relatives are currently enrolled at Hogwarts School, please list their names, particularly if you're a Weasley:
Write a brief summary of your activities since birth.
How long have you known you are a witch/wizard?

Since forever
Since I got my Hogwarts letter
Since I accidentally turned a relative into an animal, vegetable, or mineral
I'm a Muggle applying for the Muggle Exchange Program
Will you be bringing a pet? (check one)

Will you require special accomodations? (check all that apply)

captioned-air charm
seeing-eye toad
note-taking quill