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Faculty and Staff

Hogwarts' Employee of the Month Could Be ...


... if you would only apply for the Defense Against the Dark Arts job!

Professor Albus Dumbledore - Headmaster
Order of Merlin, First Class, Grand Sorc., Chf. Warlock, Supreme Mugwump, International Confederation of Wizards
Professor Dumbledore has been in the business of educating young witches and wizards for much of his life. After defeating a notorious dark wizard in the 1940s, he discovered the 12 uses of dragon's blood, and called together a class to share his knowledge. It was during this class that Professor Dumbledore realized his talent for teaching, and, soon after, he accepted a position at Hogwarts School.

Professor Minerva McGonagall - Deputy Headmistress; Professor, Transfiguration
Professor McGonagall has been teaching at Hogwarts since her own graduation, by which she had achieved the highest marks in HSWW history. A registered Animagus, she started out teaching transfiguration, and has continued to do so since her promotion to deputy headmistress.

  • Binns - professor, History
    Professor Binns accepted the History of Magic position the year Albus Dumbledore became a student at Hogwarts. Generally considered the premiere expert on all things ancient, Binns is the only professor at Hogwarts to have taught every employee of the Ministry of Magic at one time or another. Professor Binns is buried in Surrey.

  • Filch - caretaker
    Argus Filch came to Hogwarts on a visit with his parents, and subsequently refused to leave. He is generally known as the premiere expert on the secret corridors, towers, and tunnels of Hogwarts School (surpassed only by Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs, Weasley, and Weasley).

  • Flitwick - professor, Charms
    Professor Flitwick has been charming Hogwarts students since the 1960s. His early work involved developing extensive Holiday Charms, which today are used in wide circulation. After creating the perfect Fireworks Charm, Professor Flitwick accepted a teaching position at HSWW.

  • Hagrid - professor, Care of Magical Creatures; gamekeeper
    Rubeus Hagrid lives on HSWW grounds, sharing his home with a varying and sometimes borderline-illegal menagerie. Experienced in most aspects of animal care, Professor Hagrid was offered a teaching position after spending 50 years as gamekeeper.

  • Hooch - professor, Flying
    Professor Hooch spent the early part of her career selling family broomsticks in Diagon Alley. She was offered a teaching position at Hogwarts shortly after inventing a broomstick that can be used for sweeping the kitchen floor as well as flying out for groceries.

  • Pince - librarian
    Madam Pince spent her early career selling textbooks in Diagon Alley. At last, her conscience got the best of her, and she accepted a library science position at HSWW, in order to care for books that must be returned to her, rather than sending them out into the world with little chance of remaining intact and un-grafittied.

  • Pomfrey - magical medical expert
    Madam Poppy Pomfrey is a certified mediwitch and magical medical expert. She's spent much of her life attempting to create a one-time cure-all potion. She says the potion is coming along quite well, and would be finished already if she could find a decent hour to work on it without having to regrow bones and reverse schoolyard curses that have gone awry. Madame Pomfrey accepted a position at Hogwarts after much pleading on the part of the previous headmaster.

  • Snape - professor, Potions
    Professor Snape has been the potions master at Hogwarts school for 13 years. He accepted the position after spending an undisclosed amount of time participating in an undisclosed career and/or activity.

  • Sprout - professor, Herbology
    Professor Sprout accepted a teaching position at Hogwarts shortly after completing her seventh year as a student. She was offered the job when it became apparent that the expertise of all the other professors at the school would have to be combined to rid the 7th-year girls' dormitory in Hufflepuff of the 6-foot-thick wall of vegetation she had grown during her time as a student.

  • Trelawney - professor, Divination
    Professor Trelawney accepted a teaching position at Hogwarts after dreaming she should do so. Funnily enough, no one can remember who offered said position. Professor Trelawney has been teaching divination since the course was introduced at Hogwarts.

  • Vector - professor, Arithmancy
    Professor Vector was offered a position as Arithmancy teacher at Hogwarts after exhibiting an extraordinary capacity to remember and interpret numbers while working for Gringotts Bank. Ironically, Professor Vector maintains that she is miserable at keeping track of money. She is, however, quite skilled at controlling it using numbers and magic.