A Misleading Guide For the Vocabulary-Challenged

Hoofinition. The definition of a horse-related word.

Ratcatcher. The barn cat.

Dressage. Riding apparell.

Filly. Short for Philidelphia.

Colt. Opposite of hot.

Bridle. Of or relating to weddings.

Rein. Water that falls from the sky.

Hock. To sell.

Barn. An establishment that sells alcohol.

Stable. Well-grounded.

Barrel Racing. Competitors roll barrels down a hill. The owner of the fastest barrel wins. Jumping. Also known as "skipping rope." Bay. A body of water. Blaze. A fire. Star. A natural luminous body visible in the sky at night. Snip. The act of cutting something with scissors. Paddock. A removable lock with a key. Saddle. To stick someone with an unwanted responsibility. Tack. A sharp piece of metal used to stick things to bulletin boards. Cavaletti. A rare Italian dish. Dun. Finished. Farrier. A mythical being of folklore, usually having diminutive human form and magical powers.