*Gasp* Look! A links page! I can update it! Okay, okay, so I kind of never, ever, ever add links ... but today is different. Today, I'm pumped! So here goes! Links to Horse, West Wing, X-Files, Sports Night, Harry Potter, politics, Sign Language, and web site resource sites, plus links to sites that don't fit the other categories that were made by friends of mine and are really cool. Here you go; enjoy .... and it still won't be extensive, so deal with it ...

Horsey Stuff

In case you want to delve deeper into the abyss of insanity ....
CiAs Centralintelligenta Agentur~~ You have GOT to visit this site, which combines horses and X-files all in one location!
The Hay Net~~ Links to just about anything horsey you can imagine
Angelica's Free-4-All Horse Links~~ More horsey links
Yahoo! Nickers and Neighs~~a great Yahoo club
Yahoo! Equus Alienus ~~the Yahoo club for horsey x-philes!
Yahoo! Equine Knowledge~~A Yahoo club to exchange knowledge about horses.
Canter Creek Riders ~~a Yahoo community for the members of the Canter Creek Riders Club.

West Wing Sites

"You stuck your hands in your pockets, you looked away and smiled ...
Yahoo! Groups: TWWfanfiction~~A great place for fanfic!
Yahoo! Groups: WestWingFanFic~~Another great place for fanfic!
Yahoo! Groups: JoshDonnaFF~~A great place for fanfic if you're into Josh and Donna!

X-Files Sites

"The world didn't end ..."
CiAs Centralintelligenta Agentur~~ Like I said, you have GOT to visit this site, which combines horses and X-files all in one location!
The Official X-Files Site~~ This site has some fun message boards
The Gossamer Project~~ A comprehensive archive of X-Files fan fiction
Damn Bee ~~A OneList community for Mulder Scully 'shippers.

Sports Night Sites

"I want to hear some chatter out there ..."
Danielle's Eveything You Wanted To Know About Sports Night But Were Afraid To Ask ... ~~Trust me. Go here. Read Dani's fanfic. The girl has a grasp of the finer points of SN fanfic writing .. to say nothing of the fact that between the two of them, she and Barb could send me into cardiac arrest with the Casey/Dana moments they write.
Gemini's Sports Night Fan Fiction Library ~~A comprehensive collection of Sports Night fanfics from a variety of authors -- one of my absolute favorite sites
Yahoo! Sports Night ~~the Yahoo club to talk about Sports Night
Yahoo! Sports Night Fanfiction~~the Yahoo club to post, read, and talk about Sports Night fanfic
Flyers ~~(formerly knows as the DCers, and, for a brief time, Stealth Flyers) An Egroups community for Dana/Casey 'shippers, and, well, everyone else on the 'net ;)
1_Sports_Night ~~A large OneList community for fans of Sports Night

Harry Potter Sites

But, then, it had been quite a personal question ...
Muggles For Harry Potter~~Defend Harry!

Political Pages

Where no one gets left behind ...
Yahoo! The Political Cafe~~A fun place to "discuss" ...

Sign Language Stuff

In case you don't want anyone to hear you saying the weird stuff you say ...
Yahoo! Voices ~~the Yahoo club where Deaf and Hearing meet

My Friends' Sites

I had to put these up, or they'd be mad at-- er, um, these sites are really, really cool!!
Happy Widdle Munchkin Land~~ Ann has a unique philosophy on life you just won't want to miss ...
A Word In Edgewise~~ Getty's Site .. cool links, and a great big steaming pile of poetry .. this site rocks
Stacie's Site~~My bestest friend's page
Kingdom For a Pen ~~Stop in, read a few poems, look at some zebras, have some pie ... an excellent site in the making, by Poetgirl.

Website Resources

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