My girlfriend is out of town, so I am working on this website as a way to pass the time until she returns. Here, at the start, I need to explain something to you, and that is that the only punctuation mark working on this keyboard is the period. So I can end sentences. But I cannot ask questions pause for thought or make contractions. I suppose that is all right. It is way better than the time a dead ladybug got wedged under my R key, and my name was Sa3y for, like, months. Hey, look! My commas work, too! And my exclamation marks! Now if I had apostrophes, question marks, and quotation marks, I would be all set. Anyway. The point is. In October of 1999, I started this website as a way to pass the time between classes. A young college student then, I didnt have much perspective on life or the living of it. I wasnt out as a lesbian, I didnt have a significant other, and I was a print journalism major. I didnt have a whole lot in common with my current self. Except for one thing .....

I am now, as I was then,


But its okay. Its perfectly fine. Because Im out as a lesbian. I have a girlfriend. Im an education major. And ...

my horse ...

... Stuff ...

... is still ...

... in ...



Its how I know things havent changed too much. And how I know Im still the person I was in 1999. And how I know that I, too, must be insane, to have put up with this maniac creature all these years.

(Seven, by the way. Seven years this month. Happy anniversary, Tuffy! Hey, look, I have parentheses!)

Well, thats it. Enjoy the site. Some of its new; some of its old; some of it is in incredibly bad taste; some of it isnt formatted for beans. But get through it the best you can. Or dont. How am I going to know. Or care, really. I have better things to do. Jeez.

Go to Vocab first. It's the best thing here.

Favorite Stuff

Vocabulary Words II~~So we're logic-impaired. Sue us. Contains adult language, so you little'uns, keep out.

Tuesday Night Rants~~Sports Night post-episode fan fiction. Good ol' Sports Night. :]

Wednesday Night Rants~~West Wing post-episode fanfic in the tradition of Tuesday Night Rants.

Horsey Stuff

The Horse Kick ~~ Inside the minds of the horse obsessed ....

Click here to meet Tuffy, the monster behind the name.

Media Stuff (TV and Books)

Casey Loves Dana Land ~~ a happy land of ABC-bashing

The Western World~~Welcome to the West Wing

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry ~~ A Harry Potter Fan Site

Mulder Loves Scully Land ~~devoted to the old X-Files

Political Stuff

Cabell County Young Democrats ~~ A kick-ass political group at my college (I'm the webmaster!)

Other Stuff

Vocabulary Words II~~Contains adult language. Does not, however, contain adult logic.

Thought Spoken ~~ Some poetry. One of my early pages; lots of broken images and amateur stunts.

My Awards ~~ Yes, 'tis true -- this website has received even more awards than Tuffy and I have won together in the show ring! (That total, by the way, rose to ONE last summer. We're tickin' up ... slowly but surely ...)

Links ~~ Where the hell do you think you're going?