This is me.

Fat fucking lot of good THAT campaign did me. But it was a good hair month.
Would that I could go back to those pre-President Bush, pre-tangled-french-braid days. ::sigh::

I'm Sary. I'm a 22-year-old lesbian, or, as my sister puts it, "Ya run counterclockwise!" I work with disabled children, I'm majoring in education, and my dearest wish at the moment is for somebody with a chance in hell of unseating the current President in 2004 to win the Democratic nomination.

So, ho hum. Hobbies? I like horseback riding ... and then remounting after getting thrown ... writing fanfic ... well, and writing lots of other stuff ... watching The West Wing and Sports Night and the old, good X-Files ... yeah, whatever. Pets? I have a pony, Tuffy. (See the entire rest of my website for details.) Favorite things to do? I'm not sure, but I think at least two of them involve Vodka. I like to dance (badly), sing (worsely), and enjoy the company of those who enjoy my company.