Season One



*..Dead body: Karen Swenson
*..Sighting of Scully: entering the J. Edgar Hoover Building
*..Words spoken by Dana Scully: "Agent Dana Scully."
*..Sighting of Blevins: giving Scully her new assignment
*..Sighting of CSM: in Blevins' office
*..Meeting between Scully and her superiors, whoever they may be at the time: with Blevins and Co., receiving her new assignment
*..Reference to Spooky: by Scully -- "He had a nickname at the academy. Spooky Mulder."
*..Words spoken by Fox Mulder: "Sorry, nobody down here but the FBI's most unwanted!"
*..Sighting of Mulder: looking all cute and sexy in his glasses, in the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover building
*..Mulder/Scully meeting: in the basement of the J. Edgar Hoover Building
*..Time Scully says "Mulder" to Mulder: "Agent Mulder. I'm Dana Scully. I've been assigned to work with you."
*..Time Mulder says "Scully" to Scully: "So, who did you tick off to get stuck with this detail, Scully?"
*..Time Mulder puts on a slide show for Scully
*..Time Mulder asks for Scully's medical opinion on anything: the marks on Karen Swenson's back
*..Light-hearted argument: about the existence of extraterrestrial life
*..Shared flight: to the very plausible state of Oregon
*..Turbulence on a plain: during the flight to the very plausible state of Oregon
*..Time Mulder and Scully go to Oregon
*..Time we see a "Welcome To .." sign to establish location: "Welcome to Bellefleur, Gateway to Fun and Recreation"
*..Shared rental car: in Bellefleur, Oregon
*..Exhumed grave: of Ray Somes
*..Time Mulder makes a sick joke over a dead body: "Probably a safe bet Ray Somes never made the varsity basketball team."
*..Examination by Scully of a non-human thing: the thing in Ray Somes' grave
*..Time Scully says "You don't honestly believe ..." to Mulder: "You don't honestly believe that this is some kind of an extraterrestrial."
*..Time Mulder tells Scully he's not crazy: in an incredibly sexy voice, "I'm not crazy, Scully" .. which probably makes her fall madly in love with him on the spot, if she hasn't already .... er, um, yeah, I meant while he's taking pictures of the exhumed ... thing
*..Reference to an implant: in Ray Somes's nose
*..Scully voice-over while typing: in the motel room
*..After-hours meeting for no intense purpose: M: "I'm way too wired. I'm going for a run. You wanna come?" S: "Pass."
*..Time Mulder and Scully visit someone in a psychiatric ward: Billy Miles
*..Time Scully curses: "Dammit, Mulder, cut the crap."
*..Time Mulder and Scully run around in the forest together
*..Bright light from above: Detective Miles' headlights
*..Time Scully says, "Special Agent Dana Scully, FBI, Drop your weapon.": to Detective Miles
*..Time Mulder and Scully point their guns: @ Detective Miles
*..Time Mulder and Scully drive in the rain: just before losing 9 minutes
*..Time Scully says, "You okay, Mulder?"
*..Missing Time: 9 minutes lost on the highway
*..Time Scully freaks out over evidence of bugs somewhere on her person: mosquito bites on her back
*..Time Mulder sees Scully sans modest attire: when she comes to his motel room in a robe and subsequently drops the robe
*..Time Mulder and Scully end up in each others arms: when Scully freaks out about some marks on her back
*..Shared time in a motel room: discussing Samantha and the secrets of the govermnent
*..Time Scully says, "I don't understand.": in the motel room
*..Time Mulder talks on a phone: to "some woman" who said Peggy O'Dell was dead
*..Time Mulder curses: "Dammit! The X-rays and pictures!"
*..Time Mulder says something that starts with "Makes you wonder ..." and ends in a rainy graveyard
*..Time Scully says, "Mulder, take a look at this.": @ Billy Miles's feet
*..Actual bright light from above: who knows, on Billy & Teresa
*..Time Mulder says Scully's name to identify that she isn't there: after a bright light did something to Billy Miles
*..Time Mulder and Scully say each other's names to identify that they are both there: when the meet up again in the forest
*Hypnotized witness: Billy Miles
*..Time Scully takes a vial of evidence from her pocket directly after one of her superiors (in this case, Blevins) says there is no evidence
*..Time Scully subtly protects Mulder against the scorn of their superiors: "Agent Mulder believes we are not alone."
*..Time Mulder telephones Scully: @ 11:21, to say all their paperwork is gone
*..Time the clock reads 11:21: when Mulder calls Scully to say all their paperwork is gone
*..Time CSM puts something in an underground aisle in the Pentagon: the implant from Ray Somes' nose

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