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Our Sports Night is in Peril!

The info on this page was for all practical purposes ripped off from Caroline, Ariana, Jen Roth, The Sports Night Preservation Society, and everyone who was in the Yahoo! Sports Night Club's chatroom on Wednesday, February 16, 2000.


2 March 2000:
Here is what's happening today. Word on the list is that we've been canned. ABC canceled "Sports Night," as we suspected and feared they would.

While this sounds like awful news, it may not be so bad. ABC could have waited till April or May to make their decision, when it was too late for another network to rescue us. Besides, now we can concentrate on getting a network that's going to respect the show to pick it up! Forget ABC -- pour your heart out to NBC! Get pumped! Fight on! ~Sary


Suggestions for making life worth living:

*Contact NBC and urge them to pick up the glorious show that ABC has dropped. Tell them they've got us if they've got "Sports Night." Stress the point that if the series were better promoted, it would likely tap into an audience who has not yet stumbled across it. NBC's contact info can be found here.

*Join the Sports Night Preservation Society, a OneList group dedicated to brainstorming for ways to save the show.

*Spread the word. Joanna uses "Dear Louise" to snag new viewers. Christine plays the show for her co-workers. Every computer in GSC extension's back computer lab sports the CSC logo. As cliched as it may sound, every viewer counts. Besides, the viewers you recruit will be forever in your debt.

*Don't e-mail ABC and tell them how unbelievably stupid they've been. Don't call them. Don't write them. They received an admirable, surprising, and very noticable amount of communication from the fans of the show that they have now cut loose, and now they shall receive none. It isn't exactly revenge ... I'm sure they don't *want* a million angry admonitions for trusting ratings over fans. But they have had our attention for long enough. It's time to move on.




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