The Glass Tubes Excellent Website Award

There are only so many hours in a day. And many of them I spend watching Sports Night, studying, sleeping, eating, and wasting an ungodly amount of time trying to find a parking space on campus. Therefore, I have to be picky in my selection of Glass Tubes sites; I don't have time to give out a lot of awards. (In fact, we'll be lucky if I manage to give them out at all, given I've got a pretty poor track record of successfully sending attachments.)

Your site doesn't have to be about Sports Night to win a Glass Tubes award. This thing isn't prestigious, but you know, I'm not impartial, so I'd say if you allude to Sports Night here and there, it wouldn't hurt. Pretty much the only guidelines I have for your site is that it be damned witty and creative. It's got to grab my heart and twist on it, like Sorkin does. Also that if I manage to figure out how to give you an award, you link it back to my Sports Night site. That way, all the little 'net travelers can stumble over it and share in my ABC hatred.

If your site deserves a Glass Tubes award, fill out the form below. Good luck! I hope you all make glass tubes.


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