'Twas the night before Wednesday
And all through the dorm
Not a creature was stirring
'cept the heater ('twas warm)
But we didn't care 'bout the room, nor the heat
And we cared not a bit for the damn country beat
Of the neighbor's bad music
'Twas more we were thinking
We stared at the TV, our eyes never blinking
Just waiting and waiting, our breaths fairly stopped
For a TV producer who cannot be topped
A couple of anchors, some cameramen, too
And Elliot, Elliot .. what does he do?
We waited and watied, but waited in vain
For did the show air? Did it give us our gain?
Did it make us cry out, did it make us guffaw?
Oh no, it did not .. not at all .. not at all.
So what did we do, with our hearts all a clatter?
We sat just the same, knowing what was the matter
But unable to say it, unable to shout
Unable to flicker the channels about
Unable to eject from our brave VCR
A tape labeled "Sports Night"
We'd gone so, so far
To buy just in time to record our dear show
Which didn't appear when it should've done so
And just what to our mesmerized eyes did appear?
Nothing, just nothing we wanted to hear
There were no explanations, no words to appease
No glimpses, no schedules, no previews to tease
And what did we do on that grim Tuesday night?
We sat and we sat and we started to fight
With reality; could this fact really be true?
Could this Drew Carey Show be a terrible clue
That Sports Night this time slot would not grace tonight
But instead leave us sitting alone? It's not right!
So we sat and we sat and we waited some more
Through some new drama show, though it was quite a bore
We watched some dumb previews, some late-night TV
And as Wednesday began, oh, we started to plea,
"Oh Sports Night, Oh Sports Night, please answer our call!"
But did Sports Night answer?
It didn't at all.

(c) Sary 1999

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