!!!Contains Spoilers!!!

Have you ever tried to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you were in a hurry? It takes you a minute to find the bread, which you probably tear a little while spreading the peanut butter. You start scraping jelly out of the jar, which of course is nearly empty, but your hand is shaking and you splat drops of jelly on your hands and on the countertop. At last, the jelly is on the sandwich -- but now it's dripping through those little holes the peanut butter made. You have to lick the jelly off the bottom of the sandwich before you can eat it. But when you finally taste the sandwich, damn, it was worth all that trouble you went through!

That was me watching Requiem, in two ways. First was that my hands were shaking, and if there had been jelly in them it would have been all over the countertop. Forget the bread -- I would have had to put the peanut butter straight onto my hands, which are more difficult to tear. Not that I could have eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwhich last night, as excited as I was. No way!

Second was that this wonder came after the barrenness of season seven. Hey! See? Scully can be pregnant! After all, the obviously-infertile season seven bore Requiem, didn't it?

I mean, she came to his room! She wasn't feeling well, and her thought was, "Mulder." And he put her in bed and tucked her in and wrapped her up in his arms, at which point I thought my stomach was going to crawl out through my eyes. That was just so f****ng sweet!

And there was the way he watched her when she was holding that baby, and she was talking and then singing softly to it. He had a look on his face that was a cross between sadness and reverence. He was watching a beautiful creature in its preferred setting, and if it hadn't been so bittersweet it would have been a happy moment.

I will never get over the way she walks into his arms. She wants to be held, and she doesn't move her own arms at first. She simply focuses on his shoulder, where she wants to be, and then she goes there, comparatively slowly, and he takes her into those incredible arms of his with this look on his face that says, I'm holding Scully. I'm holding Scully. He is in awe of her and she is taken with him. It's enough to make my stomach never handle peanut butter again.

And the BABY. Oh My God. The BABY is going to be SUPERHUMAN. This child is obviously the offspring of both Mulder and Scully -- how else would Scully have become pregnant? No unexplained time lapses, no recent abductions -- no other men unless you believe the guys in Hollywood. At the end of All Things, Scully slept on Mulder's sofa fully-dressed and later got dressed again to leave. Explain that. They are so parents.

That's it. That's what it did to me. Thank you, Chris Carter, and I haven't said that in a while.

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