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Negative X

Well, 'philes, that's it. It's over. Smoking man is dead. Krycek is dead. The Lone Gunmen are dead. Amazingly enough, Skinner is alive. Scully and Mulder are alive, as well, and hanging out in Roswell, while their child has been taken to a farm where he'll have lots of room to run and chase cars. Gibson's living in the desert, and something there has stunted the poor child's growth. Those new people are either hopelessly lost trying to get back from the desert in their stolen SUV, or they're hanging out in an empty office playing paper clip hockey on the barren carpet. They're alive but for the grace of Kryptonite, er, um, Mag-lite, or Magnitite, or anyway some conveniently-positioned rock. Two black helicopters are cruising around New Mexico hoping to spot the right motel from a distance. And according to a dead poster child for the surgeon general's warning, we've all got ten years to live, but longer still if we're government conspirators.

Reactions to the end? Or to the rest of it? Or to the rumor, oh please be true, oh let it be true, of future movies to be made? Talk about it here. I've only got one rule, and it's obvious -- no smoking, please.

Remember when this used to be the case?


Dead silence must fall over the room at two minutes to nine (eight central, but, hee hee, I don't live in central anymore!!). All lights but the TV must be turned off. (Candles are optional.) If you are not the only person in the room, you must wholly trust those others sharing the experience; if they are prone to speak, or if you suspect they might try it, please ask them to leave now. Should they speak once the show has started, hit them with something, but never take your eyes from the screen. DO NOT try to be polite by answering them. You are allowed to murmer in a verrrrrrry low voice such phrases as "Did he ...." or "Omigod...." or "Kiss her, dammit ...", but you must never speak aloud, nor speak words that are not directly related to what is happening before you on the screen. The person most efficient at cutting out commercials shall be in control of the remote. Thou shalt not pass the remote back and forth .. it's too risky. You shall also not push "stop" at any time .. only "pause" record during commercials. If the telephone rings, throw it across the room without ever taking your eyes from the screen. (Note: that person who is in control of the remote must turn up the volume so the phone's demise does not interfere with the dialogue on screen.)

Filesy Stuff

A Few Scattered Fanfics
Warning: Some stories contain adult language and adult themes. Some stories are gooey and mushy. And some stories are just plain weird.

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Philequeen's take on the most wonderful love of them all. A must-read!

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