Are you willing to believe? I am.

submitted by philequeen

Once upon a time I didn't used to watch tv. Then a lot of years went by and now I watch. One show in particular caught my eye a little bit. It was about aliens and governmental conspiracies and the like. Oh yeah. And it was also sort of about these 2 FBI agents. Rumours were abound that they kind of had a thing for each other. So me and my clique somehow got it into our heads that they would be together by the end. For all eternity. We became kind of obsessed you might say. Then one day the creator of our world decided the female agent didn't need the male agent anymore. Where he got this lame brained idea I'll never know. Mean time, I and my gals had poured our hearts into the show and made it our religion and wrote numerous fanfics and held on to our dreams and fantasies. For it was obvious that these 2 agents loved one another more completely than any 2 beings are capable. The love they felt often times evaporated into smoke which emanated off tv screens all over the world. The slightest touch, a mere glance in the other's direction, or a whispered urgent voice heard only through a cell phone and our hearts melted with their unspoken desire. Seven long years we waited, our anticipation nearly eating us away inside. Then, one glorious day, our most sublime goddess and portrayer of our beloved female agent said okay enough is enough. She penned our episode of consummation, showing us nothing. Yet we understood what had taken place. And it came as no surprise when a short while later the barren female agent was miraculously with child. There was not a doubt in our minds that the male agent was the father. There are unspoken rules, you see. Chapter 10 Rule 13 clearly states that no other man in the entire universe could impregnate this barren female agent. But alas, the creator of this eternal flame cannot allow bliss without probable devastion. For he is an evil man with a cold heart. To rip a love like this apart. To take this male agent away from this female agent. To leave her stranded alone on the planet carrying her beloved's unborn child. To pair her with another agent as she desparately searches for a missing agent unaware that he is a father. I now know the true meaning of utter cruelty. Our devotion remains loyal yet uncertain. We know this cannot happen. We know because of the rule book. Chapter 11 Rule 21. Agents live happily ever after with healthy baby daughter. It would seem our creator is contemplating the breaking of this rule. And we are scared. No, we're petrified. We want to believe. We want to have faith. But all we can do is wait. We wait in misery and uncertainty. We console one another, saying it won't happen it can't happen. She will find him. They will be together. But do we believe ourselves? Do we believe the images painted in our minds and the words penned in our hearts? For if we can no longer believe in the most powerful love in all the universe, what is left to believe in? I want to believe.

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