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Human Starting Gun~~Not my first, nor my best, this nevertheless gets listed first, as it's a post-ep for first-season episode "20 Hours In L.A.".

Sleeping Fine Tonight~~After "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen, Part II," the staff settles down for the night.

Seven Five~~After "The Midterms," the senior staff comes through all right.

Conversations Ongoing~~After "In This White House," the conversation continues.

Retraction~~Set after "And It's Surely To Their Credit." I don't like this story. I'm going to try to fix it. The link will be back up if I'm successful.

What's Doing, Claudia Jean?~~Set after "The Lame Duck Congress." I'm sorry about the fish -- it's a major plot point!

Just Desserts ~~Josh and Sam vs. pumpkin pie. Set after "Shibboleth."

Absolutely Beautiful~~After "Galileo," the staff considers this and that, and waits for the news that might come.

Viva Canada~~A fanfic set during the week when the show was preempted for Gore's concession speech.

A Fear of Rectangles~~After "Noel", Josh ties up some loose ends.

Wartime Consiglieri~~After "The Leadership Breakfast," the committee forms.

Within These Last Moments~~After "The Drop In", the group lingers till the end of the day.

Somewhere On The Way to Speaking~~After "Bartlet's Third State of The Union," the staff looks for words.

I Don't Know If It's Going To Get Better~~After "The War At Home", A couple of couples keep going.

A Political First~~After "Ellie", the staff learns to hate Hollywood.

D.C. Minute~~After "Somebody's Going To Emergency, Somebody's Going to Jail," Leo and Jed have a chat.

Sparkle Days~~Set after "The Stackhouse Filibuster." What with losing the whole thing twice and then having my entire website disappear for two days, I think this story was more trouble than it was worth.

A Late Thaw~~After "17 People," the ice begins to melt.

Easing In~~After "Bad Moon Rising," the staff migrates toward the Oval Office to find out what's happening.

We'll Be Fine, Okay?~~Set after "The Fall's Going To Kill You." I'm sleepy and this aired during finals week, plus I was moving to a new apartment. I have very little memory of writing this story.

It Is Wednesday~~Set after "18th and Potomac" ... sniff! A brief attempt to put at least one thing right.

A Mirthful Countenance~~After "Two Cathedrals," the staff bounces around ignoring a pending grand jury investigation.

The It Can't Be Won But Let's Win It Anyway Campaign~~After "Manchester I," CJ and the President have a little chat.

Music And Balloons~~Everyone gets tickled. Set after "Manchester II."

The Dating Habits of Democrats~~After "Ways and Means," Donna takes a stroll, of sorts.

The Party Down The Street~~People are arguing, eavesdropping, drinking. Set after "On The Day Before."

We'd All Be Penniless~~Set after "War Crimes." It's practically Monday, and nobody went home when they planned.

Why -- Why Do You Want To Do This Again?~~After "Gone Quiet," the gang hangs out in the Oval, talking about red meat and re-election woes.

What do you say we re-run Just Desserts here, because I didn't have time to write a post-ep for "The Indians in the Lobby."

Women and Boys~~With special revenge consultant Heather! After "The Women of Qumar", the women of the White House exact revenge. Written in a quick fit of anger at my beloved Aaron Sorkin.

100,000 Pecans, And Maybe Some Lemon~~A brief What Was Up With Toby fic set after 100,000 Airplanes.

Trailing Us~~Carole's POV after "Enemies, Foreign and Domestic."

This Conversation~~This will be back up soon. I want to expand on the welfare argument now that I ... know something about it :]

Because of a Cigarette~~Bartlet counts to sixty. Set after "Posse Comitatus."

We Can't Imagine Yet~~Set after "20 Hours In America." You know, they weren't actually home yet ...

But You're Not In Love With Him~~After "Commencement," I decided I don't need Josh to be happy. And neither do Amy and Donna.

Four stand-alones and one big ol' crossover with Ryo!

Milk Money~~Sam tries to write a speech.

A Tragedy Complete~~MSNBC and Donna fill in the blanks for Josh.

The Language That Gets The Job Done~~Charlie and Deena celebrate a birthday.

Study Breakers~~Finals week, e-mail, bubble wrap, and caffeine addiction. Written during Sary's own Finals Week from Hell.

What Kind of Crossover Has It Been?~~by Ryo Sen & me; crossover with Sports Night. Character neuroses explode when two worlds collide; hijinks ensue.

I really ought to replace this old form with the kind I actually know how to build now.

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