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Student Life

Living At Hogwarts
When you arrive at Hogwarts Castle, you are beginning more than just your magical education. You are beginning seven of the most exciting years you will ever experience.

You will learn. You will compete. You will stumble upon the chance to prove yourself more often than you might expect. Likewise, you will make new friends, and you will be compelled to help these friends succeed as you all clear a unique path toward your future.

The Castle itself is a stunning structure, large enough to house all Hogwarts classrooms, teachers, and students. Every Hogwarts student belongs to one of four houses -- Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, or Slytherin. Your house will become the center of your Hogwarts experience.

So how do you ensure that you are in the right house? That's the easy part -- you don't! All you have to do is sit on a stool and put on a hat. The hat will put you where you belong. (Our Potions master would like to inform you that sorting will be the easiest part of your entire Hogwarts career, so don't get used to it. Our Transfiguration professor would like to add that, for heavenssake, there is no need to look so nervous -- this won't involve tests, trials, or trolls. Just a hat.)

Student Health Services
Our hospital wing, run by Madam Pomfrey, is a state-of-the-art facility offering the very latest in medical technology. Recent additions include a pill-crushing wand, two new flavors of Skele-Gro, and several self-stirring potion bottles.

Food Services
The Hogwarts Kitchen Staff is talented, flexible, and usually health-conscious.

Teams, Clubs, and Organizations
At Hogwarts, students can become involved in a variety of activities. Most of these activities take place directly in class and are graded accordingly. However, there are other groups and clubs on campus in which students can participate.

  • Quidditch Teams ~~ each house has its own Quidditch team, and competes in inter-house matches
  • Chess Club ~~ meets on Wednesdays to discuss and play Wizard Chess
  • Photography Club ~~ meets on Thursdays to discuss and participate in photography
  • New!Muggle Photography Club ~~ Meets later on Thursdays to discuss Muggle photography techniques (Theory only, as Muggle cameras don't work at Hogwarts.)
  • Seven Years' Book ~~ Meets once a year to work on publishing the Traditional Hogwarts Every-Seven-Years memory book.