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"My name is Dana, you unbelievable moron.
You've known me for 15 years. Flirt with me."

Several nights a week, Dan and Casey present Sports Night to the world. Off their cameras but front and center on ours, unrealized to their viewers but precious to the viewers of the larger entity Sports Night, are Dana, Natalie, Jeremy, Isaac, Kim, Elliot, Dave, Chris, Will, and the rest of a gang of nuts, neurotics, and journalists who put the show together.

Sports Night lived and died on the American Broadcasting Company, the network that brings you ... uh ... mmm ... well ... hang on, I'm checking my local listings ... Gee. Well, anyway, Sports Night lived and died on ABC. For two seasons it stunned its small but loyal audience -- and guess what! Sports Night will be released on DVD November 5th! Great news for those of us who live on rations of fuzzy VHS copied from a copy from a copy by a stranger online.

"Anybody who can't make money off of Sports Night should get out of the money-making business." ~Calvin Trager, 'Quo Vadimus'

Sports Lessons~~ If only I were a dean ....

Good Show: Tuesday Night Rants~~ Post-ep fic, just by me -- I'm too lazy to recruit

Quiz~~An amateurish but surprisingly difficult 10-question Sports Night Trivia Quiz (I built it two years ago, and this morning, when I took it, I only scored 8/10)

Characters~~ Meet the crew of "Sports Night" (This page really needs some work, but, ya know, I do have to leave the computer lab sometime tonight)

Sports Night 11/9/99~~ 'Twas the night before Wednesday ...

Links~~Okay, so something like two of these are about Sports Night. I'm working on it, I'm working on it.

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